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I wanted to create a tumblr to have all my inspiration in one place and always have a place to just be creative
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Giveaway includes;

  • VS purple cheetah/zebra bathing suit top (M) $24.50
  • VS purple cheetah/zebra bathing suit bottoms (M) $19.50
  • VS pink cheetah bathing suit top (M) $39.50
  • VS pink cheetah bra (34C) $39.50
  • 2 PINK black yogas (S) $44.50 each
  • 3 PINK sweatpants black, gray, and blue (S) $44.50 each
  • VS  PINK black zip-up $49.50
  • PINK pink off the shoulder sweatshirt $44.50
  • Black Juicy Couture purse $163
  • Macbook Pro $1419

I’m  getting rid of some clothes because my mom is forcing me to so I thought I’d have a contest!! A got a new purse so I’m also giving away my old Juicy Purse that is in great shape! & The clothes have barely been warn once or twice, but the bathing suits and bras are new and haven’t been warn. I’m also giving away my macbook pro because I had already had one but gotten another for Christmas from my grandma so it’s never been used!


MUST be following me ; www.justkeepingitclassy.tumblr.com

If not following me you will be disqualified.

REBLOGS ONLY no likes. 

You can reblog as many times as you want

I will ship to anywhere 

Contest Ends March 10

Winner will be picked by random generator, so the more reblogs the better!

Good luck!! Thanks everyone xx

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones, 8/365 (by sarahhemm)


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bunny couple~


Necklace I’ve been working on tonight.  (Taken with instagram)


New undead kitty necklace on my etsy store


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4 of the 5 charms I made today. I made 3 gingerbread men and 2 mandrakes. Cant showing the 3rd gingerbread man cause it is a surprise!


Some new items that I made for myself :)


These are all going to be up for sale in the Peaches & Scream! Etsy shop today! Take a peek!

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